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Who we are

Guilty Pleasure Baths was created from my love of abstract art and baths. I never thought that I would be able to call myself an artist being that my best drawings are stick people. However, things changed when Covid 19 had us working from home. With that extra time at home, I started looking for ways to express myself. And there was a post of a mold for bath bombs and instantly I was in love.

My Passion, Shared

I’ve always only saw the round bath bombs and to see something so different from a round mold opened my eyes to a whole new world. I finally knew how I could bring together to the 2 things that I love, and the rest was history. What started as a hobby for myself turned into wanting to share my gifts with my friends and family. Being at home was stressful enough so why not find pleasure while spending a few moments alone in the tub. And when positive feedback started to come I said okay Kristen you can do this. I spent hours researching ingredients, watching tutorials, and practicing to perfect my craft to ensure that it wouldn’t only be a bath but an experience. It wouldn’t be right to keep all this to myself so I wanted to share my guilty pleasure with you!